Street Fighter 6 Release Window Possibly Revealed

It looks like we may have a release window for Street Fighter 6, a game Capcom hasn't officially confirmed or announced, but that is surely in some form of development. More specifically, it looks like the next installment in the iconic fighting game series is coming in 2021, which would make it a PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X game. It may not come to all of these specific platforms, but you get the point: it would be a next-gen release.

Word of the potential release window actually comes from Capcom itself. It's been revealed that The Capcom Cup 2020 champion will not be auto-qualified for Capcom Cup 2021. This seemingly means that there will be a Capcom ProTour in 2021, which heavily suggests a new entry in the series will drop around this time. For example, the winner of the Capcom Cup in 2015 did not auto-qualify for Capcom Cup 2016, the year Street Fighter 5 hit.

Of course, it's possible this is some other Capcom fighting game, such as Street Fighter vs. Tekken, a new Marvel vs Capcom or even a new Darkstalkers. A new Street Fighter is the most likely option, but it's certainly possible a new Marvel vs. Capcom could land, especially given how big Marvel is right now.

It's also possible this could have nothing to do with a new game. Capcom could simply be changing the rules of the Capcom Cup. In other words, maybe going forward previous Capcom Cup winners won't auto-qualify the following year. Again, this doesn't seem likely, but it's surely possible.


Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment or two or thirty-seven letting us know what you think. What fighting game do you want to see from Capcom next?