'Street Fighter: The Movie' and More Acclaim Game Rights Snapped Up

While Acclaim did have its fair share of decent games during its tenure as game publisher (like, for instance, the Turok titles), it also had a wide array of duds, including the awful South Park games and, yes, Street Fighter: The Movie, based on the live-action 1994 film. And now, a British Columbia studio has stepped up, snapping up the rights to the company’s now-defunct game library.

Based on this report from GeekWire, a company called Liquid Media Group has attained the rights to 65 different video game properties that were produced by the publisher, including some games that haven’t seen the light of day in decades. We’re talking All-Star Baseball and NFL Quarterback Club, among many others.

There is a possibility that the company could be looking into certain title releases from this library, which also includes a number of titles like Bust-a-Move, Bubble Bobble, NBA Jam and the aforementioned games. The full list can be found below:

  • AD&D: Iron & Blood
  • AFL Live 2003
  • AFL LIVE: Premiership Edition
  • AFL SIM 04
  • AFL Sim 04 (Int’l)
  • All Star Baseball 2000
  • All Star Baseball 2001
  • All Star Baseball 2002
  • All Star Baseball 2003
  • All Star Baseball 2004
  • All Star Baseball 2005
  • All Star Baseball 2006*
  • All Star Baseball ‘97
  • All Star Baseball ‘99
  • Antz Racing
  • Battle Monsters
  • Big Foot
  • Big Hurt Baseball
  • Blast Lacrosse
  • Brain Drain
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Bust A Move 1999
  • Bust A Move 2
  • Bust A Move 4
  • Bust A Move Millennium
  • College Slam
  • Cutthroat Island
  • Cyberoid
  • Darius Gaiden
  • Dirt Trax FX
  • Dragonheart: Fire & Steel
  • Ducati World Racing
  • Foreman For Real
  • Foreman’s KO Boxing
  • Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
  • Galactic Attack
  • George Foreman KO Boxing
  • Impact Racing
  • Jupiter Strike
  • Killing Zone
  • Kwirk
  • Magic: The Gathering – Battlemage
  • NBA Jam 1999
  • NBA Jam 2000
  • NBA Jam 2001
  • NBA Jam 2002
  • NBA Jam Extreme
  • NFL Quarterback Club
  • NFL Quarterback Club 1996
  • NFL Quarterback Club 1997
  • NFL Quarterback Club 1998
  • NFL Quarterback Club 1999
  • NFL Quarterback Club 2000
  • NFL Quarterback Club 2001
  • NFL Quarterback Club 2002
  • NFL Quarterback Club Challenge
  • NHL Breakaway 1998
  • NHL Breakaway 1999
  • Street Fighter: The Movie
  • Striker
  • Striker 1996
  • Super Bust A Move
  • Tee-Off
  • Virtual Open Tennis
  • Wetrix

“Retro gaming is driving incredible success for the world’s largest players, like Sony and Nintendo,” said Charles Brezer, Liquid Media’s director, in a statement given by the company today. “This title acquisition along with our studios’ proven 25+ year track record kicks off Liquid’s growth strategy.”


Now, before you go, “Oh, boy, NBA Jam is back!”, hold off a second. Even though Liquid Media Group owns the properties, that doesn’t necessarily mean the games will be made. For instance, NBA Jam belongs to EA at the moment, so a deal would need to be made with them before games can move forward. Same with Taito owning the licensing for Bubble Bobble and Bust-a-Move, despite the properties that were given. And obviously, Street Fighter would need the consent of Universal Studios and probably all of the actors involved before that gets remade.

But there are some original properties that could get a chance to shine again. For instance, Jupiter Strike and Impact Racing could come around again, along with Virtual Open Tennis, Striker and Wetrix. And who knows, maybe if Liquid was totally serious, it could make deals with these partners to make these classic games shine again.

We’ll see what happens over the next few weeks, but Liquid Media is certainly building up to something. The real question here is “What?” I mean, we’re not sure how a remake of Street Fighter: The Movie would go over with some folks, but we’re interested in seeing what the company has in mind...