Summer Games Done Quick Is Off And Running, Here’s Why It’s Worth Watching

You can tell that summer has officially started with the return of Games Done Quick, the event [...]


You can tell that summer has officially started with the return of Games Done Quick, the event where speedrunners get together to break records and attempt to raise money for Doctors Without Borders.

The official summer edition of the event, Summer Games Done Quick, is officially underway, and over the next few days, you'll see some of the best players in the world initiate speedruns on everything from classic 8-bit games to more challenging, daunting efforts that even average players have a hard time getting through.

The first day's schedule already looks pretty busy, with hardcore players taking on the likes of Okami HD, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Metroid Prime and NieR: Automata without breaking a sweat. You can check out the full schedule below:

  • 09:30AM - Pre-Show with SpikeVegeta, feasel, Golden, Protomagicalgirl, and Hobz
  • 10:00AM - NieR: Automata (Ending A Normal, 1-handed, 2:00:00)(Halfcoordinated)
  • 12:10PM - Halo: Combat Evolved (Legendary, 1:36:00)(Garish)
  • 01:56PM - Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 (Any% Gunvolt, 1:05:00)(johncarls)
  • 03:11PM - Battle Kid (Any% Normal, 0:50:00)(InfestedRichie)
  • 04:11PM - Diddy Kong Racing (Any%, 0:50:00)(MrsGizamaluke)
  • 05:11PM - Luigi's Mansion (Any%, No OOB, 1:05:00)(HDlax1)
  • 06:26PM - Metroid Prime (100%, 1:45:00)(JustinDM)
  • 08:21PM - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Any% Glitchless, 0:36:00)(Dr4gonBlitz)
  • 09:02PM - Guacamelee: Gold Edition (100%, 1:22:00)(Grimelios)
  • 10:29PM - Okami HD (New Game+ Any %, 1:30:00)(Kinnin11)

And this is just the beginning, as even more games and players will be introduced over the next few days, raising even more money and offering up plenty of interaction with the home audience. Those that donate can get call-outs live on the air, and may also have an opportunity to win prizes, depending on what's being offered at the time.

The official SGDQ page has a full breakdown of what to expect over the next few days, but it's really impressive, especially with harder games to overcome. So far, the event has already raised $50,000+, and will continue to rise over the next few days.

You can watch all the action in the embedded window below, or on the official page. Either way, Summer Games Done Quick is well worth watching, especially if you've ever wanted to see your favorite games beaten pretty damn quick.

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