Super Nintendo World App Goes Live Ahead of Park's Big Opening

As Super Nintendo World's opening date draws near, Universal Studios Hollywood has now added a section for the park to its app. By downloading the Universal Studios Hollywood app on your phone, you'll now be able to see info about the park that'll be useful if you plan to pay it a visit including details on your Power-Up Band performance and a map of the park. The area itself is scheduled to open on February 17th, so parkgoers will be able to put this info to use then.

Once you've downloaded the app, you should see a grid of options including things like wait times, alerts, and more. One of those in the top-center is a portal to the Super Nintendo World section of the app – select that, and you'll be taken to the interface shown below in the images shared by TouringPlans on Twitter.

After working your way through a couple of alerts and how-tos, you'll be able to look through four main sections of the Super Nintendo World section of the app: the "Home" menu where you can scan your Power-Up Band to get started earning points, a "Rank" menu that shows how you stack up against other visitors as well as Nintendo icons like Mario and Peach, a map that shows the layout of the park, and some options that allow you to configure your player profile.

The Power-Up Bands will be one of the more interesting parts of the park once the doors open to Super Nintendo World. We've heard about them in the past as one of the key attractions there, and recently, we learned more about them during our in-person visit to the park. By exploring the park and interacting with different attractions around the venue, you'll be able to accrue points that'll change how different characters in the park interact with you. The map section of the Super Nintendo World app shows more details pertaining to where people can find points of interest that may allot them points.

The park itself is scheduled to open on February 17th and will feature one ride at the beginning: Mario Kart. The Power-Up Bands themselves are optional, but they do seem to be a core part of the experience based on what's been showcased so far.