Next Nintendo Direct Will Show Off Super Nintendo World

Nintendo announced a new Nintendo Direct this week, but this one will be much different than those [...]

Nintendo announced a new Nintendo Direct this week, but this one will be much different than those we've seen in the past. Instead of showing off scenes from upcoming games or announcing stealth releases like Among Us coming to the Nintendo Switch, this Direct will focus on Super Nintendo World, the Nintendo-themed addition to Universal Studios Japan that's opening next year. Nintendo rarely leaves much time between its announcements and the times the events actually happen, and the same is true for this one with the next Nintendo Direct scheduled to take place on December 18th at 3 p.m. PT.

Nintendo alerted its followers to the next Nintendo Direct through various announcements on social media this week. Placeholders for the upcoming stream have already been set up online to clue people in on exactly where they need to be to make sure they don't miss the Super Nintendo World preview.

Whether it's specifically Super Nintendo World you're interested in or just Nintendo news in general, there are a couple of caveats to keep in mind before you tune into the stream later on Friday. For one, the Super Nintendo World that's being shown off during the stream is the one that's opening in Japan, so those in the United States need not get their hopes up just yet about visiting the park so soon. Japan's Super Nintendo World is opening in February 2021, but the ones in places like Universal Studios Orlando have been hit with delays this year or are still very much under construction.

If you're hoping to see more than Super Nintendo World news, you might want to sit this one out and wait for the next Direct. Nintendo specified in its announcement about Friday's Nintendo Direct that "No game content will be featured," so don't expect to see any updates on your favorite games or the ones you're most looking forward to.

We've seen several previews of Super Nintendo World in the past to show what the inside of the park looks like as well as aerial views showing the various attractions being built. This new Direct should give us our best look yet at the park with insights into why things were set up the way they were and what Nintendo fans can look forward to when they visit.