New Super Nintendo World Commercial Encourages Guests to Be Like Mario

With Super Nintendo World set to open early next year, a new commercial has started to air in [...]

With Super Nintendo World set to open early next year, a new commercial has started to air in Japan, building hype for the park. Running about 30 seconds in length, the commercial gives viewers a brief glimpse at the attraction, as well as the Mario Kart and Yoshi rides that fans can look forward to upon its completion. Thematically, it feels a bit similar to the music video that was released earlier this year, which featured music by Galantis and Charlie XCX; park attendees can be seen interacting with villains from the series, including Bowser Jr., Thwomps, Piranha Plants, and more.

A video of the commercial can be found in the Tweet from @usj1, embedded below.

The trailer ends with the hashtag #WeAreMario, which is a very interesting campaign! The park's Power-Up bands will allow visitors to collect coins and participate in challenges, so the idea of guests actually "becoming Mario" makes a lot of sense as a sales pitch. It remains to be seen whether or not Super Nintendo World can fulfill its concept of a real-life video game world, but it seems that is very much the goal.

Super Nintendo World was initially supposed to open over the summer, but the opening was pushed back as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The park is now scheduled to open on February 4, 2021. With that date quickly approaching, more information should start to come out very quickly! The last few weeks have brought a number of revelations about the park, including the presence of Pikmin characters, and hints regarding future plans for Donkey Kong.

It's clear that Universal Studios views Super Nintendo World as a very big opportunity for growth, and it will be interesting to see what impact the attraction has on Nintendo, as well. Fortunately, fans of the company won't have much longer to wait to see what comes next!

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