Super Nintendo World Music Video Features Galantis and Charlie XCX

Universal Studios Japan's Super Nintendo World is getting a very big push ahead of its summer release date. In order to build hype for the upcoming attraction, Universal and Nintendo have released a brand-new music video from Galantis and Charlie XCX. The trailer's song features a blend of new music and classic Mario tunes, and franchise fans would do well to give it a listen! The video also features actors representing park attendees interacting with the characters from the Mario franchise. While major characters like Mario, Bowser, and Peach are to be expected, some deeper cuts also appear in the trailer, notably in the form of the Koopalings!

The music video does a very nice job of marrying Nintendo's video game origins with the concept of the upcoming attraction. Showing people around the world playing Nintendo Switch before shifting focus to the park is a smart strategy. With the handheld hybrid proving to be Nintendo's biggest console success since Wii, it makes sense to use these elements to build one another up. Of course, the park's Power Up Bands will apparently sync up with Nintendo Switch in some way, so the ties between the two could run even deeper.


While Universal has been fairly quiet about Super Nintendo World since the attraction's initial announcement, that would seem to be changing now that the release date is starting to get closer. It's also a bit telling to see a British singer like Charlie XCX selected for the trailer, given that this is a Japanese attraction. While Charlie XCX is certainly a big-name musician, she likely isn't well-known inside Japan (she's only toured the region as a supporting act). That said, it's no secret that Universal parks in Hollywood and Orlando will have Super Nintendo World parks of their own, and this very well could be a way to build some major hype for those attractions, or even as a way to get customers to make the trip to Japan.

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