Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director's Cryptic Tweet Has Fans Going Mad with DLC Speculation

A new tweet from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai has Smash fans on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite going crazy with speculation. This month, Nintendo added Steve from Minecraft to the game's massive roster, and while excitement over the new addition is still high, many fans are already wondering who's next. We know the game is getting more DLC characters, but what we don't know is who's coming and when they are coming.

Feeding into this speculation, the aforementioned Sakurai recently shared a seemingly cryptic tweet featuring two clocks. And that's it. It's just an image, no text, and the image is just of two clocks. Whether this is a tease or not, who knows, but many fans believe it's a hint at a future DLC character. Problem is, the subject matter doesn't easily lend itself to many theories, because, again, it's just two clocks.

Below, you can check out the supposed tease for yourself:

As noted, the possible DLC tease has Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans going extra crazy with speculation. And of course, many characters have already been implicated, including Crash Bandicoot and Sora from Kingdom Hearts, the two most in-demand DLC characters at the moment.


Of course, take everything here with a massive grain of salt. Not only because all of the theories above range from stretch to incredible stretch, but because we don't even know if this is a genuine DLC tease or hint.