Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Insider Deconfirms Two Rumored DLC Characters

Earlier this month, a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate "leak" seem to reveal who the game's next two DLC characters are. That said, since the "leak" surfaced and made the rounds, a well-known Nintendo insider has come out and essentially deconfirmed the two characters, at least as candidates for the game's fifth and next DLC fighter. In case you missed the aforementioned leak, it seemingly revealed that the game's next two DLC characters would be the Doomguy and Geno, the former being from DOOM and the latter being from Super Mario. And the leak looked pretty legit. It featured a video of two Mii costumes, one that pointed to the Doomguy and the other to Geno. However, according to the aforementioned insider, Sabi, this video may be fake. Further, even if it's real, they aren't related to the game's next DLC character.

"Alright, so clarification on that Mii leak," said Sabi taking to Twitter. "The source who told me that FP5 isn't Crash or Ryu has told me that IF those miis are real, they aren't related to who FP5 is... Essentially deconfirming Geno or Doomguy for the FP5 spot. I was dreading making this tweet."

Sabi continued:

"This was the reason for why I was saying in servers that the leak was 99% fake. The miis COULD be real, but it'd be sort of weird for them to add DOOM miis around an unrelated character. That, or they'd be for characters past FP5, which I'm not sure have really been worked on yet."


Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. At this point, we are talking about unofficial reports about unofficial leaks. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's DLC characters have all leaked in the past before they were announced, but along the way there were plenty of fake leaks and misinformation as well. That said, if you were holding out to see Geno or Doomguy as the game's next DLC character, I wouldn't cross those fingers too hard.

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