'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Smash World Mobile Service Revealed

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate set to arrive in just a few weeks, there will no doubt be a pretty strong community backing the game. And with that, Nintendo has introduced a separate mobile app that will enable players to interact with them in a number of ways, while also doing something that we haven't seen in a Nintendo mobile app before -- sharing videos.

Super Smash

During today's Nintendo Direct special, game director Masahiro Sakurai confirmed that a new smartphone service called Smash World would make its debut alongside the game. The app-style service will be free for all users and open up opportunities for them to share their Smash experiences like never before.

Whenever a mobile service is introduced, it's usually set up to track a player's stats. However, Smash World will be set up a little differently, as it's meant more to celebrate fans' love for Smash. In fact, one key feature with allow fans to not only watch videos posted by others, but also create their own. This should open up a whole new community feature for the site, though it's unknown just what kind of video service the app will be utilizing just yet. (YouTube isn't likely off the table, but we'll wait until Nintendo shares more information about the app,)

The service will also see other features introduced over the course of the game's release, with more details set to be revealed in the future. It wouldn't be beyond us if Nintendo found a way to broadcast tournaments live through it, but we'll have to see what it has planned.

As expected, the app will also support voice chat with others through battle arenas, though you'll probably have to go through the same set-up with the Splatoon 2 chat system so that you can talk to others. Nintendo hasn't finalized this yet, but that's likely to be the case. (Honestly, they could learn from Fortnite's chat implementation, especially for a game as frantic as this. We'll see what gets announced.)


Smash World hasn't been given a release date just yet, but it's likely to surface at the same time as the game when it arrives on December 7. Again, more details are expected soon, and we'll keep you updated!