'God of War' Wins Game of the Year at the 2019 SXSW Gaming Awards

god of war
(Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War has won yet another Game of the Year Award, this time courtesy of the 2019 SXSW Gaming Awards, which awarded the soft-reboot staring Kratos the honor over Red Dead Redemption 2, Celeste, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Marvel's Spider-Man. According to the award show, Game of the Year is awarded to the game that "exemplifies overall excellence and creates a distinct gaming experience across all platforms and genres."

As you may know, most 2018 Game of the Year awards have been awarded to either Red Dead Redemption 2 or God of War, though the latter has seemingly won most of the big ones, including the award at The Game Awards 2018. Anyway, for the full list of winners, click here. For the winners of the more notable awards, see below:

  • Game of the Year - God of War
  • Best Narrative - Detroit: Become Human
  • Best Gameplay - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Best VR Game - Beat Saber
  • Best Art - Octopath Traveler
  • Best Sound Effects - Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Best Multiplayer - Fortnite
  • Best Visual Achievement - God of War
  • Best Musical Score - Tetris Effect
  • Best New IP - Beat Saber
  • Best Mobile Game - Donut County

Of course, it's important to remember that while the award show happened a couple of months into 2019, it's for the year of 2018.

Anyway, for why God of War has won yet another Game of the Year award, check out our official and glowing review that explains why it's one of the best titles of this generation. Here's a snippet from it:


"Most games aim to simulate a journey; God of War succeeds in actually taking you on one. There were moments following the credits when I'd simply open the world map, look at all of its diverse landmarks, and gape in wonder. 'I really went there,' thought I. I really did go on this magnificent and emotionally stirring journey, and soon you get to do the same."

As always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know there. What do you think was the best game of 2018? Personally, I'd throw my cowboy hat in the ring for Red Dead Redemption 2.