Taito’s Ninja Warriors Game For Nintendo Switch Gets New Trailer, Multiplayer

Taito has a lot of old-school goodness lined up for the Nintendo Switch next year. Along with a Darius compilation that's sure to be a big hit with importers, the company is also prepping a revival of its SNES beat-em-up The Ninja Warriors for the handheld/console hybrid, which just got a new trailer today.

The game, titled The Ninja Warriors Once Again, was mentioned earlier this year. The new trailer features some early footage from the forthcoming port, and it looks very similar in nature to the classic 16-bit game. You choose from a variety of ninja characters as they take on an assortment of enemies, including soldiers, mutants and other dangerous foes.

What's interesting, though, is that the trailer hints at the potential for local and possibly online multiplayer. With this, players can jump in and join the beatdown alongside a friend, taking control of a secondary character. This would be a welcome feature for the game, and a good reason to invite a buddy over to play along with you, whether it's on your television or through the Switch's portable play set-up.

The game is being worked on by both Taito and Natsume Atari, and should be another must-have classic favorite for the Switch. Pricing for the game hasn't been revealed yet, nor has its release date, but it's expected sometime in 2019. The game has been confirmed for a worldwide release, so we don't have to worry about importing this one. It will be available for play at Natsume Atari's booth at the Tokyo Game Show later this month, for those who are going!

The trailer also features some nostalgic music from the SNES version of the game, which still sounds great; and the gameplay should be second nature for those that like to chain together combos and smooth moves. Here's hoping we see even more characters introduced into the fold before the game's official release next year.


Kudos to Taito for keeping that retro game pulse pounding on the Switch. Now let's see if the company will consider some other arrivals. A port of the classic Elevator Action Returns certainly wouldn't hurt…