Teamfight Tactics Previews What's Happening in Next Update

Riot Games released a preview this week of the next Teamfight Tactics update to give players an idea of what’s happening to their favorite champions, items, and team compositions. The changes are almost evenly spread out between buffs and nerfs for several types of champions as well as the individual champions themselves with two items on each side of the changes being adjusted. There are also plans to rework two more types of champions and to adjust Xin Zhao, but since none of the changes have been released yet, everything’s still subject to change.

The preview for what’s happening in the next Teamfight Tactics update was shared through the game’s official Twitter account. You can see in the infographic below the plans for the buffs and nerfs as well as the intent to rework both the Dark Star and Mana Reaver classes while adjusting Xin Zhao.


Riot Mort, the lead designer for Teamfight Tactics, shared another preview earlier in the week of a feature that’ll be released in the same update that’s outlined above. The feature will make it so that when you combine champions to level them up, the items for the one already on the board will always be prioritized over the ones waiting on your bench. This means that players won’t have to worry about champions being leveled up and their items being combined into something they wouldn’t normally build even if they had to put items on champions in the early stages of a match. The items on the champions being used to level up the one on the board will be tossed aside to the player’s item pool to be distributed as needed.

Teamfight Tactics’ next update will bring these change and more when the patch is released, though the changes are still subject to change at this time.

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