Telltale Games' Remaining Staffers Have Been Laid Off

Telltale Games

It's been a rough few weeks for fans of Telltale Games. Last month, the studio announced massive layoffs of a majority of its staff, followed by the news that The Walking Dead: The Final Season was cancelled, unless it were to be saved by a partner. But now more bad news has come down the line, and it affects the remaining employees.

A new report from Gamasutra notes that the "skeleton crew" that were left behind at Telltale have apparently been laid off as well, confirming that the publisher is headed towards a full closure at this point.

The company didn't "shut down" when it made its announcement last month, mainly because it was keeping a few people on board to finish development of Minecraft on Netflix. However, it didn't note whether it would be keeping those people around at the conclusion of that project, but this seems to confirm that they're indeed done with the company.

So far, only one former employee, narrative designer Rachel Noel, has tweeted on the situation, but it looks to be pretty legitimate. You can see her tweet for yourself below.

Many fans have been outpouring support to Rachel regarding this matter.


Telltale Games hasn't commented on this matter just yet, but it'll likely be just a short while before it officially confirms its complete closure, or what it plans to do next with a yet-to-be-named business partner. But it looks like it's truly the end of an era for one of the best storytelling companies out there, a group that brought us such magnificent tales as Batman: The Enemy Within, Tales From the Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us (which we'll never see a sequel for at this point, ugh) and various others. And, of course, who can forget the sheer weight that The Walking Dead provided.

Farewell, Telltale, we barely knew you. And we certainly hope its former employees land on their feet.