Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game's Leatherface and the Family Got Buffed Before Launch

Leatherface and the Family in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game got several buffs.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game is officially out now with players able to take control of Leatherface and the rest of the Family as well as several original characters known as the "Victims" in an asymmetrical multiplayer game. For many people, this is going to be the first time that you're playing it, so the way that it feels now will be the only version of the game that you've known. But for those who played during the tech test, you may notice that Gun Interactive and Sumo Nottingham made a number of changes in the game that largely benefit the killers of the Family via buffs for them and nerfs for the Victims. 

Back in June, the devs shared a list of changes that they were looking to implement following the feedback from the tech test that give players their first stab at The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game. From the looks of those changes that mentioned better tracking and detection for Grandpa as well as improved stuns, it already seemed like the Family was getting buffed, and the new list of changes revealed today confirmed as much.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre's creators didn't share specifics on the actual values that got tweaked up or down, but the list of changes below shows what's different from the tech test to now.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game: Tech Test vs. Full Release

  • Reduced I-Frames for Victims overall
  • Increased duration of noise alerts
  • Increased damage dealt by jumping out of windows
  • Generators now turned on by default
  • Increased the speed aat which Family can interact with doors
  • Investigated and tuned Victim penalties for being pulled from hiding spots
  • Fixed an issue where lockpick tension could be wiped by canceling
  • Grandpa detection and efficiency increased
  • Bone scrap pile locations tuned
  • Bone scrap piles now deplete

While it's too early to tell exactly how many people are playing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre since it just launched, it's clear there's lots of interest in the game. It's climbed into the top five games being watched right now on Twitch which is expected to a degree with a new release, but the fact that it's an asymettrical horror multiplayer game also means there's an established community waiting to see how the game plays compared to other options.