Texas Chain Saw Massacre Reveals Upcoming Fixes for Sissy, Leatherface, and More

Several bug fixes are in the works for Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

A fix for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre's latest Victim is coming on April 16th, but the developers have a bunch of other changes that are currently planned for the game. Gun Media has shared a new edition of "The Muerto Times," which reveals various problems in the game and what stage they're currently in. Some of these are further along than others, with the most notable one being a fix for Sissy's poisons. All of the currently planned fixes can be found listed below: 


  • Family Unable to Be Door Stunned
  • Danny Unable to Tamper
  • Sissy's Poison Through Crawl Spaces, Wall Gaps, and Barricades


  • Tuning Grappler and Fast Hands
  • Leatherface Rev Exploit
  • Virginia's Boon and Bone Scraps


  • Trap and Snare Animation Issues
  • Grandpa Interactions

Nugget Problems and a Leatherface Cheat

On the game's subreddit, Gun Media offered a bit of extra detail about some of these issues, and exactly what the developers are investigating. Boon is a special ability that allows Virginia to temporarily blind the Family members using a blue cloud of smoke. She can also use it against the family's chicken, Nugget, to prevent it from making noise and giving away her location. However, it seems using it on Nugget "will incorrectly consume a bone scrap if you have one." Meanwhile, the rev exploit is a cheat that allows Leatherface players to avoid being stunned by doors by revving his chainsaw "at a specific time." 

At this time, no information has been provided about when these changes will take place. It's possible we could see some of them alongside the fixes to Virginia's skill tree later this month, or fans could end up waiting a little bit longer. It's also worth noting that these aren't the only issues that are currently being worked on. 

What Fans Want to See in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Naturally, these updates from Gun Media have resulted in a lot of comments from players about what they're still hoping to see. Lobby issues continue to be a pressing concern for players, while some have pointed out that dialogue for the Family seems to be broken, triggering when it's not supposed to. 

Of course, many other players shared their desire to see a new Killer introduced. A new Family member was teased several weeks ago, but nothing has been revealed just yet. We don't know anything about the Killer's design or backstory, only that it will likely be an original character; Gun Media only has the rights to the first movie in the series, so any material outside that film must be wholly new and not based off of any of the sequels. That could change in the future, but nothing has been announced. 

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