The Angry Birds Movie 2 Is Currently the Highest-Rated Video Game Movie on Rotten Tomatoes

At the moment of publishing, The Angry Birds Movie 2 is the highest-rated video game movie on [...]

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At the moment of publishing, The Angry Birds Movie 2 is the highest-rated video game movie on Rotten Tomatoes with a 81 percent Tomatometer score, which is notable higher than its audience score of 68 percent. As you may know, while the movie doesn't hit the United States until next week, it's been available in the United Kingdom since August 2. And apparently it's pretty good, not just for a video game movie, but by animated comedy standards.

For those that don't know: it's the sequel to 2016's The Angry Birds Movie, which came in with a lackluster 44 percent Tomatometer score and a 46 percent audience score. In other words, it seems the sequel is a considerable improvement, one that many probably didn't see coming.

The film is directed by Thurop Van Orman, co-directed by John Rice, and written by Jonathan E. Steward, Eyal Podell, and Peter Ackerman. Meanwhile, it stars Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Peter Dinklage, and Bill Hader, all who reprised their roles from the previous movie. And it also has some notable newcomers, such as Leslie Jones, Rachel Bloom, Sterling K. Brown, Eugenio Derbez, and Awkwafina.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is available to view in the United Kingdom, and is set to release in theaters in the United States of America on August 14. Below, you can read more about it, courtesy of an official plot synopsis.

"When a mysterious purple bird named Zeta arrives on the island with a plan to summon a new ice age, the Angry Birds are forced to forge an uneasy alliance with the Bad Piggies in order to defeat the new threat and save their way of life from complete destruction."

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