'The Avengers Project' May Be A PS5 And Next Xbox Game


According to a new job listing posted by Crystal Dynamics, the unnamed Avengers Project, may be a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett game.

At the moment of publishing, Crystal Dyanmics is currently hiring for a number of senior positions, including Lead Environment Artist, Narrative Director, Lead Software Engineer, Lead Animator, and multiple Lead Producers.

Interestingly, one of the listings is for an External Lead Producer, which makes note of some intriguing tidbits.

For one, the listing notes that the position will work with external partners to build next-gen game releases.

"The Lead Producer will have demonstrable experience working with external partners to build next gen console and PC games," reads the position summary. "This individual will have outstanding communication skills and a proven track record in Development and Production. The successful candidate will work directly with studio leadership and hold accountability for staying in budget while delivering premium quality on the project milestones. Exposure to formal project management techniques on multi-million dollar, highly rated AAA games a must; previous experience building and maintaining schedules is essential."

Of course, in the past, some companies have used "next-gen" as a catch-all for this current generation. So, it's possible that Crystal Dynamics could be doing that here, except elsewhere in the listing it makes note of "current generation consoles," which suggests that by next-gen, Crystal Dynamics does indeed mean PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

Of course, it's worth pointing out that Crystal Dynamics is likely gearing up for next-gen development whether The Avengers Project is next-gen or not, so this could be a more general listing and not apply to The Avengers Project at all.

It's also worth pointing out that just because The Avengers Project may release on next-gen systems, doesn't mean it won't hit PS4 and Xbox One as a cross-gen release.


Unfortunately, all we can do is speculate and painfully wait for more information. The Avengers Project is currently without a release date, and we haven't heard any information about it in quite some time. Hopefully that will change at E3 2019 this June though.

Thanks, Reset Era.