The Evil Within 2 Gets a Gruesome Red Band Launch Trailer

A new trailer that has been released for The Evil Within 2 ahead of the game's upcoming launch previews plenty of disturbing scenes and gives some insight into Sebastian's story.

The red band trailer that was released for Bethesda's horror sequel last just under 2 minutes, but it's plenty long enough to get horror fanatics excited for the game if they don't already have it preordered. Sebastian Castellanos, the protagonist of the first Evil Within game, makes his return as a weathered, tired man searching for his daughter who's trapped in the convoluted STEM world that made its debut in the first game. Castellanos thought that his daughter was lost to him forever after an immense fire, but he's now diving back into a new STEM world created from his daughter's mind in search of her.

And for those who played the first game, you can expect some similar terrors to find their way into the STEM world once again in The Evil Within 2. Burning bodies, decapitated heads, and sadistic killers are just a couple of the fearsome foes that players will find themselves up against. It also appears as though there will be quite a few grab sequences between Sebastian and enemies who get too close to the player, so it looks like there will be little chance at averting your gaze from the gruesome enemies that you'll come across.

Leading up to the release on Friday, Bethesda has previewed several different boss-like enemies and other unsettling creations. One of the NPCs that looks like he'll be one of the main characters from the trailer above is a priest who appears to be in control of many of the game's enemies who he refers to as his "disciples." Prior to that, a multi-armed, saw-wielding enemy known as The Guardian was also revealed, a monster that Sebastian seems to encounter pretty early on and pops up occasionally throughout the game.


The Evil Within 2 is scheduled to release this week on Oct. 13, a date that's fittingly a Friday the 13th, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.