The Last of Us HBO TV Show Casts New Original Character

HBO's upcoming The Last of Us TV series has cast a new, original character. While details on this character are quite sparse at the moment, their appearance in the show continues to tell us that this TV adaptation of the popular 2013 game will expand on this iconic world in wholly new ways and will provide a deeper story than ever before in relation to the main protagonists Joel and Ellie. 

This new character appearing in The Last of Us is said to be named Kim Tembo and will be portrayed in the show by Natasha Mumba. News of this character came to light directly from Mumba, who revealed in her Instagram profile that she will be playing Tembo. Further details related to Tembo weren't unveiled by Mumba, but given that other actors associated with The Last of Us happen to follow her on Instagram, it's essentially confirmed that this character will be appearing in some capacity during the series. 

As mentioned, those working on The Last of Us at HBO and PlayStation Studios have been clear that this show will make some changes to the story seen in the original game. As a whole, the show is poised to center around the events of the first video game installment and will contain 10 episodes in total, each of which should last about an hour. And while many of the characters that were seen in the game will be popping up in the TV show, the writers behind the series are looking to add some new faces to the mix as well, hence this addition of Mumba as Tembo.

At this point in time, HBO still hasn't revealed when The Last of Us will actually debut. Currently, the show is still in the process of filming, which means that an arrival before the end of 2021 isn't in the cards. That being said, it seems quite likely that the series will begin to hit HBO at an undetermined date in 2022. To keep up with our coverage of The Last of Us moving forward, you can follow along right here


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