The Last of Us Part 2 Director Neil Druckmann on Spoilers: "There's So Many False Things Out There"

If you've somehow been off the internet for the past several months, it is possible that you missed the significant leak of The Last of Us Part II spoilers back in April. While we won't discuss them in detail here, the gist is that some major plot points were revealed at the time, which obviously disappointed developer Naughty Dog. But, according to a recent interview with director Neil Druckmann, "[t]here's so many false things out there" that, in reality, people still don't really know what they are in for.

"There's a lot of the feedback that came out, our take on it is, you don't know. Right? There's so many false things out there," Druckmann recently told Eurogamer when asked about the reactions to the aforementioned spoilers. "We don't want to go out there and correct anything because that would be spoiling the game in a way - by saying what it isn't, we're kind of saying what it is."

"And then as far as the kind of characters we put in our game, we try our best," he continued. "We made a journey with Ellie, and Ellie is who she is. It's been defined in the previous game. We're going to continue going forward. She's now 19. How do we explore all the facets of what it's like to be 19? You think you're invincible. You think you know what's right and wrong in the world. You are sexually attracted to people you're attracted to. Those are all things we want to explore for this character - that's how we do honest storytelling."

The Last of Us Part II is set to release for PlayStation 4 on June 19th. The Limited Edition The Last of Us Part II PlayStation 4 Pro bundle will release the same day. This comes after the game was previously delayed indefinitely, which turned out to be "a couple of weeks." You can check out all of our previous coverage of the upcoming Naughty Dog title right here.

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