The Last of Us Part 2: How to Find Every Training Manual

The Last of Us Part II brings back Training Manuals for players to find, and if you want to make [...]

The Last of Us Part II brings back Training Manuals for players to find, and if you want to make the most of your game and actually survive your encounters with human and infected enemies, you're going to need to find all of them. Finding a Training Manual unlocks a new set of skills for players to invest their resources in that'll in turn unlock things like new crafting items and faster actions such as healing and moving around. Players will begin with just one skill tree unlocked to dump resources into, but it's up to them to find the rest of the Training Manuals for additional unlocks.

The game does a good job of funneling players towards these Training Manuals, but some of them take a bit more problem solving than the ones laid out for you if you want to find them all. Some are locked in safes, but our guide below will help you find them all no matter where they're hidden.

Players have reported these Training Manuals showing up in different locations, but we were able to find each of them in the locations listed below.

Spoiler Warning: Training Manual locations are listed in the order that you'll find them, so don't read too far ahead of you don't want things spoiled.

Seattle Day 1 – Crafting Training Manual, Downtown

The first Training Manual you'll come across is all about crafting items. You'll find this in the Downtown section of Seattle Day 1 inside the Courthouse when you're looking for gas to power the gate generator. Head to the lobby of the building and you'll find a locked office with windows that can be broken. Break the windows, hop in, and you'll find the Crafting Training Manual on the shelves.

Seattle Day 1 – Stealth Training Manual, Capitol Hill

Within the same chapter is the second Training Manual that unlocks a Stealth skill tree. You'll find this one in the TV Station right after you have to cross a ledge on the outside of the building. Shimmy around the outside and you'll end up inside an office. Located on the desk near some medical supplies (for us) you'll find the Training Manual that unlocks a number of skills geared towards stealth.

Seattle Day 2 – Precision, Hillcrest

Moving onto the next chapter, you'll find the next Precision Training Manual in Hillcrest. There's a children's-themed bookstore that you can't really miss, but you can't get into it in a straightforward way. Head into the Liquor Store nearby and go into the basement. Fight the Shamblers inside (or run), climb the stairs through the hole in the wall, and you'll be inside the Bookstore. The Training Manual is on the counter near the remains of an infected body.

Seattle Day 2 – Explosives, The Seraphites

On your way to the hospital in this chapter, you'll eventually make your way to a big apartment building. You'll know you're in the right place when you encounter some WLF deserters. Head to the second floor and you'll fight the enemies, and after taking care of them, head through the previously locked door and find the Explosives Training Manual on the bed.

Second Spoiler Warning: The following information about Training Manuals contains heavy spoilers for the second half of the game

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Seattle Day 1 – Covert Ops, On Foot

You'll eventually find yourself in a big workshop with a boat in the middle that you have to get across to continue through the level. After getting onto the boat by using a ladder to cross the gap, don't go ahead to the next side just yet. Look down inside the boat and you'll find the Covert Ops training manual on a table.

Seattle Day 1 – Close Quarters, Hostile Territory

After separating from Manny, you'll find yourself in a narrow area with buildings lining both sides. One of these buildings is called Tang Fabrics and Imports. To find the Close Quarters Training Manual, you'll want to head into the building directly opposite the fabric store. The Training Manual is located on a kitchen counter inside the building.

Seattle Day 1 – Firearms, The Forest

During this chapter, you'll come to a sequence where you have to escape a group of Seraphites and some Clickers. After evading them, you'll find yourself in an auto shop. Find what looks like a break room in the building and look inside there to find the adjoining office. The Firearms Training Manual is located in there.

Seattle Day 1 – Ordinance, The Coast

The last Training Manual you need to locate is found on the top deck of the ship within this chapter. It's located inside a safe on the aft end of the deck. The code for the safe is found in the end of the hallway right after you find the crossbow, but if you want to save yourself some time, just enter 907701 to get the Ordinance Training Manual and some extra resources.

We'll have more guides on The Last of Us Part II soon to assist with other parts of the game. Until then, you can check out our tips for surviving and excelling in combat as well as our review for the full game.