CD Projekt Red Update May Shed Light on The Witcher 4 Release Date

A fairly innoccous update from CD Projekt Red may shed light on the release date of The Witcher 4, a game not yet announced, but a game that we also know is inevitable. Speaking to investors, CD Projekt Red confirmed to those giving it money that starting in 2022 it will begin the development of more than one big-budget project. Naturally, it doesn't say one of these games is The Witcher 4, but that's the expectation. In the past, CD Projekt Red has confirmed more is coming from the series, but so far it hasn't said when and it hasn't relayed what fans can expect.

That said, assuming one of these projects is the next mainline Witcher game, which is a very safe assumption (it could be a spin-off, but after a messy Cyberpunk 2077 launch, CD Projekt Red will want to run the prized horse again), means The Witcher 4 -- or whatever it winds up being called -- is starting development in 2022. In other words, we can now predict its release window based on the development of The Witcher 3. The Witcher 3 was developed in three-and-a-half years on a self-funded budget of $81 million.

Using this timetable, it seems safe to assume the game will be out sometime between 2025 and 2026. That said, with the developer seemingly working on more than one big game, its development could take a bit longer, but this should be subsidized by the fact that CDPR has far more money and resources than it did when it was making The Witcher 3.

For now, all of this is just speculation, but it's speculation based on reasonable assumptions. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen when players will get to slay some monsters with Geralt again. In fact, it remains to be seen if Geralt will even be the protagonist of the next game. It wouldn't be very surprising if the series changed things up and made Ciri the new protagonist.


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