The Witcher: Monster Slayer Reveals New Details, Gameplay at WitcherCon

The newest game in CD Projekt’s Witcher franchise made an appearance during the first ever [...]

The newest game in CD Projekt's Witcher franchise made an appearance during the first ever WitcherCon event this week with more details shared on The Witcher: Monster Slayer. This augmented reality game features some of the monsters Witcher players will have become quite familiar with by now, but it shows them from a very different perspective. The Witcher: Monster Slayer adopts a Pokemon Go-like system using real-world locations and fictional monsters, and we learned much more about it today.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer was one of several Witcher projects we knew for sure would be at the event given how it was listed on the schedule beforehand. We got to see more on the game from CD Projekt Red and developer Spokko after Season 2 of Netflix's The Witcher was talked about and after a trivia panel and an inside look at Kaer Morhen.

The WitcherCon stream above featured Monster Slayer around an hour and 54 minutes into the presentation. Spokko's Rafał Staszewski spoke about the game and explained the setup that revolves around players attempting to save a child who's been cursed and turned into a striga.

If you've played games like Pokemon Go or Minecraft Earth in the past, you'll already have an idea of how this new Witcher game will work. Players are tasked with taking down monsters from Geralt's world, but you'll have to find them in your own world first to fight them.

"Foul creatures roam the vast lands of the Continent — and it falls to those known as witchers to hunt them down," a preview of the game shared after it was first announced reads. "Set long before the time of Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher: Monster Slayer is an augmented-reality exploration game that challenges you to become an elite monster hunter. See the world around you transformed into the dark fantasy realm of The Witcher, and explore once-familiar locations now infested with dangerous beasts as you start on the path as a professional monster slayer."

The game recently got a release date and a new trailer prior to its appearance at the first WitcherCon event. The game will be out in full on July 21st with pre-registrations still open for those who want to sign up for the game ahead of time.

Monster Slayer was indeed an expected part of WitcherCon, but there were some things we knew not to expect, too. CD Projekt Red said ahead of time that the event wouldn't feature any information on the next main Witcher game which would be The Witcher 4 or whatever it ends up being called, so people knew beforehand not to go into the event expecting that.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is scheduled to release for mobile platforms on July 21st.