The Witcher 4 Won't Be Revealed at WitcherCon Event

CD Projekt Red and Netflix just announced a few moments ago that it will be holding a new event [...]

CD Projekt Red and Netflix just announced a few moments ago that it will be holding a new event next month that it's calling WitcherCon. This convention is, of course, associated with all things related to The Witcher and will contain new reveals and announcements related to both the video game franchise and live-action TV series. However, if you're expecting to see The Witcher 4 revealed at this venue, you should dash those hopes right now.

As mentioned on the official website for WitcherCon, developer CD Projekt Red got out in front of many fan theories and stressed that The Witcher 4 (or any new Witcher games, for that matter) won't be appearing at the showcase. "In case you're wondering, no new Witcher game will be announced at WitcherCon, but there are still lots of reasons to tune in!" explained a description on the convention's website. Despite this confirmation that The Witcher 4 won't be showing up, the event is still going to contain "surprises and exclusive first looks."

When it comes to the video game iteration of The Witcher, one of those surprises could be in relation to the next-gen iteration of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. CD Projekt Red confirmed last year that it was working on an upgraded version of its beloved RPG for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 platforms. For now, this next-gen The Witcher 3 upgrade still doesn't have a release date, but CD Projekt Red has said that it will be arriving later this year. It stands to reason that an official launch date could end up being revealed during WitcherCon.

No matter what might be announced during WitcherCon, though, we'll be sure to share all of the latest news with you here on once it transpires. WitcherCon as a whole will take place on July 9 and will be streamed online for viewers around the globe to tune into.

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