The Witcher Report Claims Henry Cavill's Final Scene Was Originally Different

The Witcher Season 3's ending reportedly included one extra character originally.

Henry Cavill's final scene in The Witcher wasn't exactly what was shown at the end of Season 3 of the Netflix show, or at least that's what a new report claims. With Season 4, Cavill will be replaced with Liam Hemsworth after the former departed the show and his star role for reasons that have yet to be disclosed. Rumors have suggested it was a mixture of scheduling issues as Cavill was anticipating reprising his role as Superman and because of growing tension between him and the showrunners of the Netflix show, but these are just rumors. Whatever the case, he's done with the show. 

The report comes the way of Redanian Intelligence, who claims they heard the original plan for the end of Season 3 was a scene featuring  "Milva helping Geralt in need, while Cahir was watching them from afar." If you've seen the end of Season 3, you will know this isn't too far off,  but there's no Cahir at all in the scene they ended up going with. In the show, Milva helps Geralt with the final last Nilfgaardian soldiers before Geralt, Jaskier and Milva ride off into the sunset, but there's never any Cahir. 

Redanian Intelligence notes it's unclear if this was changed in post or was rewritten and never filmed, because this information was given to them before the third season started filming. It's noted the scene was perhaps seen as too similar to Blood Origin's ending. Whatever the case, there was a change of mind at some point, supposedly. 

Like any report, this one should be taken with a grain of salt. So far, it's not drawn any comment from Netflix or anyone involved with the show. If this changes, we will update the story accordingly. 

"While Henry Cavill remains as engaging as ever in his leading role, nothing about The Witcher's third season convinces viewers to keep watching after Cavill's departure at the end of the season," reads the opening of our review of the first five episodes of Season 3. "Over the course of the first five episodes, viewers are reminded just how much Cavill's brooding but compelling take on Geralt elevates the show from the standard fantasy B-show fare that is Netflix's bread and butter to one of the platform's top shows. While Cavill shines (or more accurately glowers with radiance) whenever he's on screen, the pacing, effects, and acting from most of the remainder of the cast paints a grim picture for what the series will do when Cavill leaves the show at the end of the two-part season."