These 'Fallout 76' Modders Are Making the Online Wasteland Less Frustrating

Though mod support isn't technically live yet for Fallout 76, that hasn't stopped the PC gaming community from lending their talents to the online wasteland. We've shared some of the more light-hearted mods before - like bringing The Office's version of Country Roads to the game - but there are others that tackle the more frustrating features the game has.

Though Bethesda has addressed the issue of stash sizes with a recent update, there are other quirks that aren't too popular with fans of the wasteland. From this mod that fixes the wonky Power Armor compass issue, to revamping the Perk Loadout Manager, the modders of the PC gaming community are doing the lord's work with their in-game tweaks.

Though there are a few graphic overhaul mods to change the way the shading is in the game, the biggest mod I have to personally recommend for those not quite feeling the mechanics is the Perk Loadout mod by Keretus.

According to this mod's creator, "Perk Loadout Manager is a mod that allows you to save up to (currently) three unique Perk Card builds, and swap between them as needed. Need to access a Skill 3 terminal and not have to remember which cards you unequipped to make room for the Hacking cards? Save a loadout for it! Want to swap between shotguns and melee weapons depending on the situation? Just save a couple loadouts."

You can download that one right here as well as how it works and what's the best way to install.

For those that spend a lot of time in their C.A.M.P but don't like how noisy some of the in-game components can be, this mod - called the Silent Camp - is designed to completely silence all of the generators and purifiers in the camp. Basically anything motorized will have a silencer on it, making for a more peaceful survival experience.


To see even more incredible mods for the ever-growing list for Fallout 76, check out Nexus Mods // As for the game itself, Fallout 76 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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