New Twisted Metal Game Reportedly Being Developed by Destruction AllStars Creators

New information on a supposed Twisted Metal revival has surfaced to suggest that development on the next game in the series is being handled by Lucid Games, the studio known for the development of Destruction AllStars. The new game is supposedly in early development now with a release planned to coincide with the new Twisted Metal TV series that's currently scheduled for a 2023 release.

The latest on the Twisted Metal franchise comes from a VGC report which cited its own sources with the information. According to those sources, the game that'll be the first Twisted Metal release in over 10 years is indeed being developed by Lucid Games and is in early development. It's also been suggested that this new Twisted Metal game will be a free-to-play experience similar to the release plans so many other games have opted for nowadays.

While Lucid Games is known most recently for its work on Destruction AllStars, that's not the only vehicular game the studio's worked on in the past. They also created Switchblade which is "an arena-based 5v5 vehicle action game" and worked on Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered, so this would be far from their first car combat game.

However, it's difficult to disregard how Destruction AllStars faired both before and after its release. The game was initially pushed from November 2020 to February 2021, and instead of being launched with a price attached from the beginning, it was made available through PlayStation Plus for free for the first two months that it was available. After that, it adopted a $19.99 price tag after being met already with middling reviews. It was announced back in July that the game's second season had been delayed with additional tiers for players to progress through added to the AllStar Pass.

Despite the lukewarm reception to Destruction AllStars, VGC's sources said the Lucid Games studio is trusted to handle the Twisted Metal revival well given its past experience with vehicle-based games.


Earlier reports indicated that some sort of project would be releasing in 2023, but it was unclear whether it would only be a TV show or something else along with that. What we do know is that actor Anthony Mackie has been cast in the lead role of the new Twisted Metal series, though with it not scheduled to release until 2023, it'll be a while before Twisted Metal fans actually see their beloved franchise brought back.