Twisted Metal Live-Action TV Series Is Now in Development From the Writers of Deadpool

We’ve heard numerous rumors over the past few years about a TV series based on PlayStation’s [...]

We've heard numerous rumors over the past few years about a TV series based on PlayStation's Twisted Metal franchise being in development, but none of these rumors have ever resulted in an official announcement of any sort. And while it has taken quite a bit of time to come about, PlayStation has finally confirmed today that the project is more than just a rumor.

Coming by way of Variety, PlayStation Productions has made clear that it is now officially working on a Twisted Metal TV show. The series is said to be live-action and is pitched as an "action-comedy" series. To that end, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who have previously worked on the Deadpool and Zombieland franchises, are said to be the executive producers of the show. Michael Jonathan Smith, who has most recently worked on Cobra Kai, will then serve as the writer.

"Twisted Metal is one of the most beloved franchises from PlayStation," said PlayStation Productions' Asad Qzilbashm in an accompanying statement confirming the show's existence. "We are thrilled to have such a great team working on bringing this iconic game to life for the fans."

At this point, there's still not a lot that we know about this Twisted Metal series, but previous rumors have indicated that Will Arnett has already been cast in the role of Sweet Tooth, which is arguably the most popular character from the video game franchise. While Arnett is said to have already been given the role, PlayStation is also rumored to have offered Anthony Mackie and Kumail Nanjiani additional parts on the series. Whether or not they have accepted these roles remains to be seen.

Twisted Metal represents yet another commitment from PlayStation Productions to get more heavily involved in the TV and movie scene. Not only is this series now in the pipeline, but Sony is also toiling away on a TV series based on The Last of Us at HBO to go along with Tom Holland's Uncharted movie, which is planned to hit theaters next year. While PlayStation has already been knocking things out of the park in the console space over the past few years, it looks like the company is hoping to expand that dominance into other mediums.

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