Twisted Metal TV Series Seemingly Teased for This Year

The new Twisted Metal TV series in the works within PlayStation Productions just might see a 2023 release, fans have concluded. These assumptions stem from a recent tease from Asad Qizilbash, the head of PlayStation Productions who tweeted this week about some of the projects in the works within the company this year. Qizilbash soon clarified afterwards that there's been no release date announcement yet for the TV series slated for a release on Peacock, but fans have drawn their conclusions regardless.

The PlayStation Productions head tweeted a brief video on Monday showing an elevator with Gran Turismo artwork on the doors opening up to similar display of The Last of Us art on the walls of a building. While nothing about Twisted Metal was seen anywhere in the video, Qizilbash joked in the tweet's text that "you can't see me, but my head is on fire too" which was a clear reference to the upcoming TV show.

Given that he said this tweet represented what PlayStation Productions has coming this year, it's easy to believe why many would assume that Twisted Metal is also coming at some point in 2023. It wrapped filming in August 2022, too, so despite it not getting a release date yet, people might not be far off base in assuming that it'll debut at some point this year.

However, Qizilbash isn't going to be the one to say right now when Twisted Metal will be releasing. In a response to someone who picked up on this tease and asked specifically about the show, Qizilbash reminded people that no release date has been announced yet.

"Glad you're excited. No release time has been locked yet but the team will be hard at work on it this year, that I can promise you," Qizilbash said.

Ever since the show was announced, we've gotten periodic updates on the filming process as well as things like casting announcements, though little has been said about the Twisted Metal series since it was confirmed that filming had wrapped. There's supposedly a new Twisted Metal game in the works, too, though nothing about that has been confirmed.