Twisted Metal TV Series Casts Spider-Man Star Thomas Haden Church

The Twisted Metal TV series has enlisted Spider-Man star Thomas Haden Church as part of its all-star cast. The series is one of many different live-action projects PlayStation is doing as part of an initiative to take its IPs beyond gaming. Earlier this year, it kicked things off with a live-action adaptation of Uncharted, which was a mixed bag for audiences, but still managed to be a success thanks to its star power. PlayStation is also currently working on a TV series for The Last of Us, which will premiere on HBO sometime in 2023.

Today, it was confirmed that Thomas Haden Church, star of Spider-Man 3, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Easy A will star in Twisted Metal as Agent Stone. The character appeared in the first Twisted Metal game as a British secret agent, similar to James Bond. It seems like the show will make him an American agent, as a press release described him as a edgy lawman patrolling the highways of the "Divided States of America" on a quest to restore law and order."[Agent Stone is a] cold and unyielding post-apocalyptic highway patrolman who rules the roads with a silver tongue and a twisted iron fist, prosecuting even the smallest crimes with the harshest of judgements," reads the description of the character. "Agent Stone will stop at nothing to bring law and order back to the Divided States of America, and will kill anyone in his path who defies his power."

Thomas Haden Church will star alongside Anthony Mackie as John Doe and Stephanie Beatriz as Quiet. It's likely the cast will continue to grow with more A-list talent in the coming months, as iconic characters like Sweet Tooth have yet to be cast. Twisted Metal is expected to be a half-hour comedy TV series from the team behind Deadpool and Zombieland. The show doesn't have a release date at the moment, but will likely arrive on Peacock in 2023.

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