Twisted Metal TV Series Casts Scream Star Neve Campbell

The Twisted Metal TV series has added yet another major star in the form of Scream's Neve Campbell. The Twisted Metal TV series is one of many live-action adaptations of PlayStation games currently in the works. Earlier this year, Uncharted kicked off a larger initiative to help adapt various PlayStation IPs and deliver them to a new audience. Next year, HBO will debut a TV series that adapts The Last of Us, Naughty Dog's other acclaimed franchise. Amazon is also reportedly working to adapt God of War, but that one has yet to be officially confirmed by Sony itself. Over the last year, a TV show based on the Twisted Metal series has been in the works at Peacock with Marvel's Anthony Mackie in the lead role. Within the last few weeks, the Twisted Metal show has expanded its cast with the likes of Thomas Haden Church from films like Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The cast is continuing to grow as it has been confirmed that Scream's Neve Campbell will be joining the Twisted Metal cast as Raven, a character featured in Twisted Metal: Black. In the game, Raven is a "emo" teen, so the show will likely take liberties with the character since Campbell is now 48 years old. The press release didn't elaborate on the role she will play in the show, but did say Raven will be a recurring character, so she's here to stay. 

Given how stylized and intense Twisted Metal is, there's no telling just what this show will look or feel like quite yet. It's already been confirmed that the show will stream on Peacock as a half-hour comedy series and feature a number of characters from across all of the games. No release date has been offered for the Twisted Metal TV series quite yet, but it's likely it will debut on the streaming service sometime next year should production go smoothly.

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