Twisted Metal TV Series Wraps Filming

The Twisted Metal TV series has wrapped production on its first season.  For those unaware, Twisted Metal is one of the most iconic PlayStation franchises out there thanks to its edgy tone and aesthetic, memorable characters, and incredibly fun vehicular combat. Unfortunately, Twisted Metal hasn't had a new game since the PlayStation 3, largely leaving one of PlayStation's most prominent franchises in the dust. With that said, rumor has it that a new game is on the way and could be used to at least partially promote Peacock's Twisted Metal TV series in some capacity. As of right now, no one knows if the game is even real, let alone when it could release, but we do have new information about the live-action TV series.

Twisted Metal showrunner, writer, and executive producer Michael Jonathan took to Twitter to confirm that the series has wrapped filming. The showrunner shared an image of the series' logo made from an ice sculpture and talked about some of the hurdles the series had to overcome, such as weather issues and problematic cars. That seems to indicate that the show will utilize real locations and practical effects, at least to some extent, which will likely please fans hoping for a epic adaptation of the games. Jonathan also shared an anecdote about using Sweet Tooth's truck to hand out real ice cram to the crew on the last day of filming. Twisted Metal will now move to post production. Although no release date has been announced, it seems likely the show could be ready for a premiere in the second half of 2023 given the time it takes for post-production.

The show is already boasting a stellar cast with Will Arnett voicing Sweet Tooth and Samoa Joe standing in as the physical version of the character. Scream actress Neve Campbell is also confirmed to play Raven in the series and a number of other stars like Anthony Mackie, Thomas Hayden Church, and more will fill out other roles in the show. Only time will tell how good it turns out, but it has a talented team behind it.

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