Twitch Hack Targets League of Legends Streamers, Moderators

An apparent hack on several Twitch accounts affected popular League of Legends streamers recently [...]

League of Legends Tyler1
(Photo: Tyler1)

An apparent hack on several Twitch accounts affected popular League of Legends streamers recently with stream titles being altered and bans going into effect.

One of the streamers in question was Tyler1, the controversial, now reformed League of Legends streamer that was recently unbanned by Riot Games and is free to play League publicly once again. Tyler1 broke records on his first day back by amassing a ridiculous number of viewers eager to see his return to the public eye, so for someone were looking to hack a streamer's account, Tyler1 made for a perfect target.

As reported by Polygon, the streamer had the name of his stream changed to something that certainly violated the terms and conditions that Twitch puts on its streamers. You can see the new name of the stream title here, but be aware that it's quite vulgar and was clearly designed to be as shocking and controversial as possible.

After the name of the stream was changed and viewers began taking notice and discussing it, one of the moderators of Tyler1's subreddit, Sloppymayor, was thought to have changed the title, though some believed that the moderator had been hacked. The moderator responded and said that a hack had most definitely happened and added that the hack had affected other streamers such as IWillDominate as well.

"Same with IWD, I was hacked," Sloppymayor said. "This is all getting settled right now."

Sloppymayor's account was suspended because of the hack and the abrasive stream title, but the moderator added that they were working to get two-factor authentication for all of the mods and would be able to finalize that improvement once the accounts were unbanned by Twitch. There are hopes that Twitch will life the ban seeing how it was a result of a hack, but there's no word on whether that's happened or not. Tyler1 is not in danger of being banned as a result of the hack, however, according to Sloppymayor.

While Tyler1 would be the most obvious League of Legends streamer to target, other streamers and moderators like pro player Doublelift and The Rift Herald's Julia Lee were also affected along with IWillDominate.