Top Twitch Streamers and Games for 2020 Reportedly Revealed

2020 has recently come to an end and that means we now have a better idea of which streamers and [...]

2020 has recently come to an end and that means we now have a better idea of which streamers and games were best on Twitch over the course of the year. Most of the big winners on the platform aren't too shocking but the biggest takeaway is that Twitch as a whole continues to grow even larger.

According to data from StreamElements and in a new press release, December of 2020 was the biggest month of the entire calendar year with over 1.7 billion hours of content being watched in the month. When looking at data from the entirety of the year, Twitch saw a massive spike in viewership back in April, which is unsurprising given the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic keeping many people indoors. Viewership then stayed relatively consistent throughout the year before increasing yet again from October through December.

As for the biggest games of the year on Twitch, League of Legends has continued to be the top dog. LoL has dominated Twitch for years at this point and was said to have had 1.4 billion hours of streams watched over 2020. Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto V then followed behind League of Legends with Riot's Valorant then coming after. Valorant specifically was also the biggest new gaming IP of the year on Twitch with Fall Guys coming in behind it.

In regards to the platform's biggest streamers, Felix "xQc" Lengyel was far and away the top performer on Twitch in 2020. xQc's viewership for the year was close to 150 million hours watched. Other streamers that followed after xQc included Gaules, Summit1g, NickMercs, and Tyler 1. In addition to leading the charts for the year as a whole, xQc also dominated in December and brought in nearly double the viewership of the next closest streamer.

All in all, nothing that has been outlined here is too revelatory if you pay close attention to Twitch on a routine basis. What will be more interesting to see as we move forward is if these trends will continue throughout 2021. Last year was a massive year for Twitch as a whole but whether or not the platform can top its viewership this year remains to be seen.

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