Ubisoft Says DDoS Attacks Are Affecting Multiple Games

Several Ubisoft games are being affected by DDoS attacks that target the company's services and are making it difficult to connect to games, Ubisoft said.

Issues have been affecting Ubisoft's games such as Far Cry 5, For Honor, and Ghost Recon Wildlands for several days now. Connectivity problems made it difficult for Ubisoft gamers to sign into their favorite games with Ubisoft keeping everyone updated on the status of the issues through the Ubisoft Support account, and in the most recent tweet regarding the issues, it appears that they're stemming from targeted attacks on the company's games. Referring to the problems as DDoS attacks, the support account said that it's currently monitoring the issues and are working to solve them.

Other players have been chiming in on Twitter to ask Ubisoft Support about various issues with the games mentioned above and others with the account sharing the same message that the server issues are being looked into while attributing them to DDoS attacks. A thread on the Ubisoft forums has been created to keep players up to speed with the DDoS situation, and though it currently shares the same message that the tweet above does, I'll likely be updated as more information is shared on the issue. The same was done yesterday on July 16 when Ubisoft said that multiple titles were being affected and provided updates throughout the day to eventually say late last night that the situation had been resolved. The updates were also shared through the Twitter account as well, so you'll likely see the news there first if you're following the account.

A full list of games that are affected by the issues wasn't provided, but it seems to be quite a few of them judging from players' responses. Services like Uplay appear to be affected as well, though some people have had limited success accessing the features through the typical open, close, and try again methods.


Ubisoft didn't share a timeframe for when the issues might be resolved, but more information should come from the Twitter account as progress is made.