Ubisoft Montreal Office: Possible Hostage Situation Reported [UPDATE]

Update #2: Montreal Police have confirmed that the 911 call reporting a hostage situation, and which prompted the response seen below, was a hoax, according to CBC news.

Update: Ubisoft has released a comment on the situation to Patrick Shanley, noting that it's aware of the development and is currently working with local authorities. Meanwhile, Montreal Police has specialized officers on the scene, and so far, no injuries have been reported.

Original: New reports have emerged about a possible hostage situation involving Ubisoft Montreal. At the moment of publishing, details are scarce, but the Montreal press is reporting on a developing situation involving Montreal Police, Ubisoft Montreal, and a possible hostage situation in or around the office building of the developer. Collaborating this, multiple Ubisoft Montreal employees have confirmed there's a developing situation, with some employees being relocated to the roof of the Ubisoft Montreal building. According to Journal De Montreal, the situation involves "dozens" of employees.

While Montreal Police have confirmed there's an "ongoing police operation at the corner of Saint-Laurent and St-Viateur," they haven't confirmed the hostage situation directly involves Ubisoft Montreal.

"There is an ongoing police operation at the corner of Saint-Laurent and St-Viateur," writes Police Montreal over on Twitter. "We ask people to avoid the area. The SPVM is currently validating information and more details will follow."

In addition to the aforementioned report, other reports have arrived suggesting the situation doesn't directly involve Ubisoft Montreal and its building. In fact, Radio Canada has reportedly been told by police that the operation is "near" the Ubisoft Montreal building, and is related to an armed robbery.


This is a developing story. We will be sure to update it as more information is provided.

H/T, Gamasutra.