Ubisoft Pass Premium Leaks in Ubisoft's Store

A new product from Ubisoft has surfaced in the game publisher’s official store through a listing that advertised something called “Ubisoft Pass Premium.” It looks as though the listing wasn’t supposed to go up just yet though since it was an incomplete listing that lacked details like a product image and pricing information, and the fact that it’s been taken down now makes it even more evident that the listing likely went up ahead of schedule.

Some users who were browsing the Ubisoft Store caught a glimpse of the Ubisoft Pass Premium product and shared it on ResetEra in the form of a screenshot that showed the sole item in the “Ubisoft Subscription” category. The image showed the Ubisoft Pass Premium as out of stock, though it seems it was never on sale to begin with. The category in question previously showed the product there but was later updated to only show one result in the Ubisoft Subscription category, though the listing itself for Ubisoft Pass Premium wasn’t visible. That’s now been changed again to return no results for anything in the Ubisoft Subscription category.

Ubisoft Pass Premium
(Photo: ResetEra)

Since the listing is gone, it’s impossible to tell from it what Ubisoft Pass Premium might be, but we can speculate about the product’s purpose by looking at other services. The reigning theory for now seems to be that Ubisoft will be unveiling a subscription service not unlike EA Access that lets users into its vault of games for a monthly or yearly fee. EA does this with different versions of the subscription that offer access to games like Star Wars Battlefront II and a plethora of sports games from the publisher.


If you look at Ubisoft’s broad collection of games, that doesn’t sound like a bad deal if this is indeed what the Ubisoft Pass Premium is. Ubisoft has everything from the Just Dance franchise to the Assassin’s Creed series to Far Cry games and shooters like The Division 2 and Rainbow Six Siege within its library. Ubisoft also puts out a lot of DLC as well, so depending on the price of the Ubisoft Pass Premium and what all it offers, Ubisoft’s pass might be an appealing one for its biggest fans.

Whatever this pass might be, a reveal at E3 seems likely assuming this product isn’t unveiled before. Ubisoft also apparently has a new sports title in the works that sounds like it’d be a perfect fit for the pass.