Ubisoft Reportedly Has Two More AAA Games Coming Within the Next Year

Earlier today, we reported on the news that Ubisoft is working more on a “quality, not [...]

The Division

Earlier today, we reported on the news that Ubisoft is working more on a "quality, not quantity" based system, announcing plans to release fewer games in the future, based on its recent financial report. It also noted that it intends to focus more on its Assassin's Creed Origins instead of announcing a new title right away, suggesting that it may have shifted to a more comfortable two-year cycle with the franchise – a smart move.

But some more interesting details have surfaced out of the briefing, suggesting that Ubisoft has some big titles on the way within the next year, even with the fewer count of games released.

A slide from the presentation was found by a Resetera user, which apparently was pulled by the company. It suggests a pretty hefty estimate on the year to come, with games like The Crew 2 and Skull and Bones contributing a major part. But it also makes mention that there are "4 AAA titles" coming from the company over the next fiscal year.

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Now, we already know about the Crew sequel, which will drop this summer; and Skull & Bones, which will arrive this fall. So what's left? Again, an Assassin's Creed sequel isn't likely (though we are getting a high-definition port of Assassin's Creed Rogue next month), so some people are already making guesses at what's coming.

That same Resetera user, Nirolak, offered some predictions. Take these with a grain of salt, but some of these could point out what's coming:

  • Ubisoft has heavily hinted that Assassin's Creed is not getting a new game this year, and instead there will be more "amazing" new DLC for Origins. (Again, smart move.)
  • Yves (Guillemot, president of Ubisoft) implied that he was still taking concept pitches for Splinter Cell maybe a year or so ago, so that doesn't seem super likely.
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 doesn't look like it's on track to release this generation.
  • Ghost Recon, South Park and Far Cry just came out. (Well, Far Cry 5 releases next month.)
  • Rainbow Six and For Honor are near endless service games that won't be getting sequels for ages.
  • This also seems to be true for Steep, at least thus far, but it's hard to say. I would probably expect at least a three year gap though, ala The Crew 2 and The Division 2, so it would be a bit early for a Steep
  • There will be a third year for The Division, but it doesn't necessarily sound like a huge amount of content is coming, especially compared to the amount of staff working on The Division.
  • Watch Dogs 2 hasn't been updated in a while.
  • Ubisoft said Avatar isn't expected to release until the second movie.
  • Ubisoft generally doesn't count things like Rabbids, Trials, Rayman or Just Dance as AAA titles.

So, what does this mean? Nirolak suggests that we'll see sequels to Watch Dogs 3 and The Division 2 over the course of the next year. Again, these are good estimates, but obviously far from official.

We don't expect Ubisoft to say anything until around E3 time, when it will no doubt host another press conference where it will make its big announcements. We expect The Crew 2's new release date to be revealed at this time (if not sooner), as well as possibly more information on Beyond Good & Evil 2, as well as what's coming next for the publisher.

You can read more on this speculative report right here.