UFC 4 Reveal Date Announced

EA has revealed the reveal date for UFC 4, which is presumably not only in development for PS4 and [...]

EA has revealed the reveal date for UFC 4, which is presumably not only in development for PS4 and Xbox One, but PS5 and Xbox Series X. Well, kind of. More specifically, the official UFC Twitter account has revealed in a new promotion for the upcoming UFC 251 that UFC 4 will be revealed during the event, presumably on a commercial break. Today, the UFC Twitter account revealed an official poster for the upcoming island event, and in the bottom left corner is mention that the new UFC game will be revealed during UFC's return.

What does this mean? Well, it means our first look at the game will come on July 11. Whether it will come in the pre-show, during the event, or in the post-show is unclear. All we know is it will be revealed within the running of the event.

It's also unclear what we will see. Will it be gameplay or just a teaser trailer? Will we get release information and mention of PS5 and Xbox Series X versions? Unfortunately, right now, all we can do is speculate, but it's safe to assume a release date and platforms will be mentioned alongside the reveal trailer.

As you may know, UFC 251 will be behind a PPV wall, however, you'd assume EA Sports will put out the trailer via YouTube as it's revealed, or, at the very least, once the event is over. Further, the event is also on a Saturday, which is an unconventional day to reveal a game, but it makes sense that EA wants to reveal the new UFC game at this year's big UFC event.

At the moment of publishing, EA has not commented on UFC outing the reveal date for UFC 4 beyond the above tweet. Many suspected to see the game at EA Play 2020 this week, and many were disappointed when the game didn't show up, but now it makes sense why it didn't.

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