Untitled Goose Game Is Coming to Xbox Game Pass Soon

Untitled Goose Game is shuffling its way onto consoles soon with a release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One happening next week. The game was originally released for the Nintendo Switch and became a big success there as a breakout indie hit, and after there were some hints about the game coming to other platforms, it's finally coming to the Switch's console counterparts. The deal's even sweeter on the Xbox One since it's being added to the Xbox Game Pass service the day that it launches.

Like the release timing of Untitled Goose Game on the PlayStation 4 which was announced during Sony's State of Play stream, developer House House will bring the game to the Xbox One on December 17th. On that same day, it'll be available through the Xbox Game Pass service.

House House took care of the first announcement in a post on the Xbox Wire while the Xbox Game Pass alerted its followers to the game's release there.

That post on the Xbox Wire introduced upcoming Untitled Goose Game players to the game if you've somehow missed out on the sensation that it became after its release. It also touched on the name of the game itself which House House says is not actually the title of the game seeing how Untitled Goose Game is untitled. It's a point House House has been adamant about in the past, and the developer explained that it decided to keep calling the game such because people liked it so much.

"At one point we really wanted to find a nice name for this game," House House said. "We thought long and hard about which name would sound best. But people kept telling us they liked the game how it was. They didn't mind that the Goose Game was Untitled. So, we just gave up. The game doesn't have a name. It's an Untitled Goose Game."


If you're not an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you'll still be able to get the game at a discount assuming you purchase it within a certain timeframe. House House is putting the game on sale at 25% off for two weeks just as it did for the Nintendo Switch version.

Untitled Goose Game releases for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on December 17th.