Valiant Reveals First Tabletop Kickstarter, Fight For Deadside

Valiant Entertainment got in on the Gen Con fun with the announcement of a new game titled Valiant: Fight For Deadside, a project that will also be Valiant's first tabletop Kickstarter. Fight For Deadside has players joining forces to fight Master Darque and his army from unleashing horror and destroying the world, and you'll call upon some of Valiant's biggest heroes to help save the world, including characters like Dr. Mirage, Punk Mambo, Shadowman, Ninjak, and more. No details were revealed regarding the Kickstarter launch date, but there is a cool bonus for the first 500 subscribers to Fight For Deadside's Kickstarter updates, which you can sign up for right here. If you are in that first 500, you will gain free access to a day one offer when the campaign launches, giving you a first look at the story in new digital content.

The game accommodates 1 to 4 players and was designed by Sen-Foong Lim (The Shining: Escape From The Overlook Hotel, Legend Of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena) and Jon Cohn (Ghostbusters: Blackout, Munchkin: TMNT, Grindhouse). Fight For Deadside plays in around 45 to 60 minutes, though we don't know any additional details on the gameplay itself, and whether it will be based around cards, miniatures, or some blend of both.

(Photo: Valiant)

"I've been a big fan of comics my entire life and what caught my attention about Valiant were the supernatural titles like Shadowman and Dr. Mirage," said designer Sen-Foong Lim. "Working on a game where some of the coolest Valiant characters team up to prevent Master Darque's plans from coming to fruition has been awesome! It's been great to dive headfirst into the lore and make a game out of all the interesting things Valiant has stuck in the Deadside."

"I'm incredibly excited to be working within the Valiant Universe to bring this experience to gamers everywhere," said designer Jon Cohn. "For the first time, we get to jump into the shoes of our favorite Valiant heroes and tell our own story in Deadside, waging war with Master Darque himself."

As with all Kickstarters, it also remains to be seen if other heroes and villains from the Valiant Universe will be available as stretch goals or expansions. While the game is based on the more supernatural side of the Valiant Universe, it would still be cool to have characters like X-O Manowar and Faith be playable too.

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