Valkyrae Explains Why Disguised Toast Couldn't Take Part in Among Us Game on Jimmy Fallon

Earlier this week, a handful of content creators and streamers that included Valkyrae, Sykkuno, [...]

Earlier this week, a handful of content creators and streamers that included Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and Corpse Husband all took part in a game of Among Us that was hosted by Jimmy Fallon and other members of The Tonight Show. The event was one that many fans enjoyed, but some felt as though streamer Disguised Toast should have taken part in the game since he is one of the biggest proponents of Among Us. Now, Valkyrae herself has opened up about the situation and has expressed similar grievances.

In one of her recent streams over on YouTube, Valkyrae said that she was "really bummed" that Disguised Toast couldn't have joined in on the Among Us stream with Jimmy Fallon. The 100 Thieves co-owner said that the whole ordeal was something that came together at the very last minute, even for herself. The only way that she said she was able to join in was due to an invite from Corpse Husband. And with the other seven spots in the Among Us lobby belonging to Jimmy Fallon, Roots members, a developer from InnerSloth, and some cast members from Stranger Things, there was just no way to squeeze in one more player.

Valkyrae said that she felt especially bad for Disguised Toast because she believes he helped grow Among Us early on perhaps more than anyone else. She went on to say that she messaged him personally after the event had wrapped up and told him that if there's ever an opportunity in the future that involves Among Us where she can dictate who is involved, he will be the first person that she looks to invite.

As a whole, Toast has sounded pretty upset about the situation this past week. In one of his own streams, he said that he thinks he's just not as marketable as some other popular streamers. Despite what he may have done for Among Us as a whole, he said that the whole situation was "just business" and acknowledged that this isn't the first time something has gone down in the manner.

Regardless of the disappointment, it's good to see that Valkyrae has been looking out for Disguised Toast in the midst of this situation. The two streamers have long had each other's backs in many games of Among Us over the past year and it's nice to see that they support one another outside of the game as well.

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