VR Chat Players Stop Mid-Chat to Help Fellow User Having a Seizure

We've talked about VRChat and how the virtual social space continues to gain traction within the [...]

We've talked about VRChat and how the virtual social space continues to gain traction within the gaming community, despite it being essentially one giant meme come to life. With a world that boasts that anything is possible, the weirdness can fly - but just because it offers an escape from reality doesn't stop it from getting very real sometimes. One of those instances includes one player appearing to have a seizure mid-chat.

The report comes from YouTuber Rogue Shadow VR when he released a video showing off the instance as it happened. In the video above, you can see Rick and Morty characters, Pokemon, and even a super miniaturized McCree from Overwatch circling around a robot avatar that crumbled to the ground in what looks to be a seizure. As seen above, the robot collapses mid chat and heavy breathing can be heard over the voice channel. When the player didn't get up, the other members grew more and more concerned about what was actually happening.

As someone who suffers from seizures myself, sometimes there are warning signs. Sometimes, however, there aren't and in the world of Virtual Reality those sensations can be altered a bit making it something that should be noted when playing for long periods of time.

vrchat seizure

In a recent chat with Kotaku, the robot in question recounted what went down: "I honestly don't remember a lot of it," he told them. "I do remember feeling cold all the sudden. After that, I woke up and I was on the floor. I could hear these voices." The player also added that this wasn't the first time he's experienced a seizure, though he doesn't have an official diagnosis.

The video does depict a kinder gaming community. When the player came to, many urged him to drink water and get help. Of course there are always trolls, but when one made to tea-bag the downed robot, the other players were quick to correct that behaviour with more serious health concerns afoot. The Morty added, "The entire community is coming together for the betterment of this person. Don't be that one guy."

It's good to see the gaming community come together. Seizures are serious business. If you, or someone you know, experiences with an epileptic episode, we urge you to seek medical attention. For at home, check out this medical site here to see how to safely deal with them as they occur.