WayForward Working On New Game Based On Tom Cruise’s The Mummy Adaptation

The Mummy opens in theaters tomorrow, and Universal Pictures has high hopes that it will open up [...]


The Mummy opens in theaters tomorrow, and Universal Pictures has high hopes that it will open up its new line-up of Dark Universe films, and bank on the success of its lead star, Tom Cruise. For that matter, it's not just stopping at letting the Mummy dominate movie theaters – it's taking over games as well.

Universal Brand Development announced today that it's hard at work on three different The Mummy gaming experiences, including a new side-scrolling shooter that's in the works over at WayForward.

The studio, which previously worked on Shantae: Half-Genie Hero and DuckTales: Remastered, is hard at work on The Mummy Demastered. Universal released a statement below regarding its involvement:

"The Mummy Demastered from WayForward, known for pixel games that bring the look and fun of classic arcades to modern consoles, is a platforming adventure game based on The Mummy. Launching in late August 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam, players will enter a world of evil as an elite Prodigium agent who is tasked to take down Princess Ahmanet's army of the undead and save the world at any cost. Players will explore dark forests, maze-like military compounds and the sandstorm-filled streets of London in this retro-inspired adventure."

Based on the screenshot above, we're in for quite a fun shooter.

In addition, the company is also launching The Mummy Prodigium Strike for virtual reality, as well as a new mobile game called The Mummy: Dark Universe Stories. The VR experience will take place in Los Angeles at Hollywood & Highland, and tickets can be purchased here for $12. Starbreeze Studios put the experience together.

As for the mobile game, The Mummy: Dark Universe Stories will arrive later this month from Night School Studio, the creators of the Mr. Robot mobile game. According to the press release, it is "an episodic, supernatural adventure game for iOS and Android mobile devices that picks up right where the movie leaves off. Players will take on the role of Nick Morton, the protagonist of The Mummy, and choose from multiple narrative options in an immersive tale, filled with dynamic comic-style illustrations. Every turn reveals a decision that changes the outcome of the storyline, and new chapters will be added on a regular basis to take players even deeper into Dark Universe."

The Mummy arrives in theaters tomorrow.