WWE 2K20's Newest Patch is Corrupting Saves

Yesterday 2K and Visual Concepts have been hard at work on fixing bugs and updating WWE 2K20 since its launch, and following last week's first patch a new patch was released yesterday. The patch focused on fixing crashes and general glitches as well as fixing issues with hair, but it appears you best avoid it if you are gaming on PC. YouTuber SmackTalk posted a screen capture of the message he got after loading up the game post-patch, and it says that the save data has been corrupted and a new save would be required to proceed. He wasn't the only one with the issue, and since then the game has been put back into its 1.02 state (via PC Gamer).

You can check out the message some are receiving in the post below, which was posted with the caption "WARNING: Installing Patch 1.03 on PC will corrupt your game save and cause you to loose all data.@2KSupport @WWEgames is there anything that can be done to avoid this?#WWE2K20"

From the comments, it seems the issue is relegated to just PC, as players on PS4 and Xbox One didn't seem to be having the same issues. Hopefully, 2K can get things fixed on that front to keep any other players from losing their save data, as some in the comments were sharing how many hours they lost as a result, and it's unreal to lose 50 to 59 hours of your progress because of a patch that is supposed to fix something.


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