Xbox Boss Discusses Possibility of Bringing Gears 5 to PS4

Many barriers are being broken down in the gaming industry these days. While the days of consoles and PC being completely separated are in the rear view mirror, there is still a mountain of work ahead for companies. One such brand that is trying their best to lead the charge on all things cross-play and inclusivity is Xbox, with Phil Spencer at the helm. The Xboss himself recently sat down with Kotaku to discuss a number of things, including gaming from the cloud, their recent partnership with Sony, and the possibility of seeing Gears 5 on the PlayStation 4.

As many of you know, the Gears series has always been strictly Xbox and PC. However, with companies seemingly getting along better more than ever now, fans are surely curious as to whether or not we'll see some of the big Xbox games make their way over to the likes of PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. When asked if he would put Gears 5 on PS4, Spencer had this to offer:

"I think the experience we bring to the family room with Xbox and focusing on things like compatibility and focusing on things like cross-play is actually important to where we see gaming growing, which is why we are focused on consoles and spending a ton of money and resources investing in Scarlett. The same thing on PC.

"So, today, people are saying: 'Are you going third party?' Whatever that means. But the idea that we are a platform company continues to be true, and we think about how that platform infrastructure could grow. And we think having the world's most powerful console, having a great Xbox in the home, is a critical component to that."

Not exactly the answer that fans were maybe hoping to hear, but it isn't a direct 'no.' Spencer went on to say how "people's save game and their state and their friends list and their entitlements move seamlessly from every ecosystem" is important, but there isn't another system like that available for Xbox to mingle with today. Needless to say, until that happens, we likely won't be seeing Gears 5 on PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch.


Gears 5 will be arriving on September 10th for PC and Xbox One. For more on the upcoming title:

"At its heart, Gears 5 is an intensely personal story – one that challenges our characters like never before. Our returning cast, led by Laura Bailey as Kait Diaz, has set a new franchise standard for voice acting to both evoke these story themes and add new dimension to our characters. With Rahul Kohli joining Gears 5 as Fahz, he embodies a role that both brings a new perspective to our heroes and complements a cast chemistry that truly mirrors the bonds shared by our characters in-game."