Xbox Game Pass and Hulu Announce Free Trial Promotion

Hulu subscribers interested in checking out Xbox Game Pass will soon be able to do so for free. The two companies announced a partnership deal today that would allow Hulu subscribers to get three months of Game Pass for PC for free. The offer is only available to eligible Hulu subscribers, which means those "in good standing" that have not yet subscribed to Game Pass. The offer is available starting today, and subscribers will be able to sign-up for the promotion through July 23rd. The Xbox Game Pass trial is part of Hulu's "Friends with Benefits" initiative, which grants certain perks to subscribers. 

The new trial should be a great way for newcomers to see what Xbox Game Pass has to offer! The subscription service offers access to more than 100 different games, including titles such as Minecraft, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Halo. In addition to games that have been offered for a while, the service also gives access to many new games the same day they release at retail. While lots of gamers prefer to own their titles, the service is a great way for users to experience games they might not have tried otherwise. In that way, Xbox Game Pass essentially acts as a "Hulu for gaming," and the sheer number of games offered through the service assures that most subscribers won't have difficulty finding something to enjoy!

Unfortunately, Hulu subscribers that would prefer to try the console version of Xbox Game Pass are currently out of luck. It's unclear why Hulu is only offering access to the PC version of Game Pass, or if we'll see a similar promotion for the console version sometime in the future. For now, Hulu subscribers will just have to settle for this option. This is not the first time we've seen Game Pass tied to a promotion with a streaming service. Last year, Xbox Game Pass subscribers were given a free trial option for Disney+.

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