Xbox Game Pass Adding Trio of Classic Games Soon

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are adding three classic games soon. This week, developer Double Fine Productions -- which was acquired by Microsoft last year -- announced its bringing three of its games to Game Pass later this month, all of which are considered some of the greatest and most influential games of all time, especially within the adventure genre.

If you missed the announcement, the developer revealed its classic LucasArts games -- Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, and Grim Fandango -- are all coming to Xbox Game Pass on October 29 where they will be permanent additions to the Game Pass library.

That said, at the moment it's unclear what versions each are coming to. They will presumably be added to both the Xbox One and PC versions of the subscription service, but it remains to be seen if they will come to the Android version.

Below, you can read more about all three games, as well as check out trailers for each game:

Full Throttle Remastered: "Originally released by LucasArts in 1995, Full Throttle is a classic graphic adventure game from industry legend Tim Schafer, telling the story of Ben Throttle; butt-kicking leader of biker gang the Polecats, who gets caught up in a tale of Motorcycles, Mayhem and Murder."

Grim Fandango Remastered: "One of the most acclaimed adventure games of all time is now back, better than ever. Grim Fandango Remastered has the all the beautiful art and engaging story fans remember, but has also been remastered to look, sound, and control even better than the award-winning original release."

Day of the Tentacle Remasted: "Originally released by LucasArts in 1993 as a sequel to Ron Gilbert's groundbreaking Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle is back in a remastered edition that features all-new hand-drawn, high-resolution artwork, with remastered audio, music, and sound effects."


Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are both available via PC, Xbox One, and PC, priced at $10 and $15 a month, respectively. Starting next month, they will also be available via the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.