Xbox Game Pass Could Be Coming to Steam

Xbox Game Pass may be coming to Steam. In the past, we've heard that Xbox Game Pass is coming to Nintendo Switch and even PlayStation consoles, but so far, none of these rumors have come to fruition. That said, it looks like rather than bring the popular and growing subscription service to Nintendo and PlayStation, Xbox boss Phil Spencer and his team may bring it to Valve's dominant PC storefront.

The report comes the way of Tyler McVicker, an industry insider best known for his scoops and reports on all things Valve. Speaking during a recent Q&A over on YouTube, McVicker revealed that Valve is trying to get the subscription service on Steam.

Unfortunately, this is all McVicker reveals. In other words, there's no word how this pursuit is going or if Microsoft are interested. Phil Spencer has said in the past he wants to bring Xbox Game Pass to as many platforms as possible, but to do that, Xbox Live Gold has to be made available on the same platform, which is a big reason why we haven't seen the subscription service on Nintendo Switch, PS4, or PS5. Further, Microsoft is invested in the PC space with the Windows Store, which may or may not complicate the deal.

Alas, all we can do is speculate. If Xbox Game Pass on Steam is being discussed by Valve and Microsoft, neither have tipped their hat to these discussions nor have either commented on this new report from McVicker.

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt. While this seems like something that could happen, there's probably a reason why it hasn't happened. If Microsoft were to bring Xbox Game Pass to Steam, Valve would presumably get some type of cut. And if that's going to happen, Microsoft is going to ask for something in return, like Steam on Xbox or maybe a new Left 4 Dead game.

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